About Us

ShareBucks makes it easier than ever to find and share the products you love and get cash rewards for your efforts! At ShareBucks, we believe you should be rewarded for promoting products to your friends and followers. We all love to share the great products that we find, so why shouldn’t you make a few bucks for being such an awesome salesperson?

How are we able to pay your Cash Rewards? It turns out that personal recommendations are among the most powerful forms of promotion for retailers, so they love to pay sales commissions when people spread the word about their great products. We have partnerships with hundreds of the world’s leading retailers and pass along the large majority of this sales commission to you as Cash Rewards.

ShareBucks is pioneering the way for people to earn Cash Rewards for sharing the products they love. Whether you have an active blog, a large Twitter following or just love posting the occasional recommendation to your friends on Facebook, we can help you turn that effort into cash. So sign up today for free and start earning your Cash Rewards!